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Morphing between simple 3D models

This was one of the failed/unfinished projects where I needed to do morphing between 3D objects. Made with help of Three.JS library and coded in Type Script (object oriented Javascript with types).

This thing also worked quite smooth on mobile devices :).


Simpl Kidz animation

I just wanted to show animation I did long time ago when I was working at I needed to animate two cute creatures, whale and elephant.

All I did was animation – those cartoon animals are not mine and website is not mine either.

I did it with help of Paper.JS library.

Animation of elephant:

Animation of fish/whale:

Connect Four made with minimax

This is another fun python project I made myself in spare time. It’s simple connect four game made, where I studied mini max algorithm with α-β pruning. I admit that it took me a while to figure out the idea behind mini max, but when I did, it was quite simple to code. To bad I did it in python since it’s slow. Because of my expensive heuristic function I could reach only depth of 5 for minimax. Well, it’s possible to go deeper, but the game becomes un-playable because of slow response time.spet sem izgubil sam proti sebi

Bot is quite strong, but anyone determined enough can beat it. If I would switch language from python to something like C#, I could make really faster -> stronger. But it’s ok, I have learned a lot!

Oh, also I like to do “dynamic” stuff so I can play connect four in any size I want.

This is my face when I lost against myself (I am green and bot is red)the bot beat me again

This is where I won against the bot – the proof that bot was too weak :(. But I was scared that my own code outsmarted me so of course I needed to beat the bot! Well, it didn’t outsmarted me, yeah!

koncno sem premagal