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Procedural City road generator

It’s unfinished/scraped project, but I still decided to post it here. This was intended to become “road kill” game, where you drive a car and drive over pedestrians and cows and other animals. Project never got to its prime time, because there were shortage of time/money.

Project was coded in Unity3D. Art is not by me.

Closer look, this is how the game camera was intended to look:


Look from top. This is visible world, here it had big range just for demonstration purposes. You can move the 3D gizmo (green/red arrows), and circle would move with it.


That is :). The whole work took me 1 week I think.


Jenkem – Android Game

This is my second Android game, that has been released on Google Play!

It was intended to be short time killer, a fun game with nasty name (I hoped it would catch people eyes, but it didn’t).

The game is made with Unity3D and it took around 2 months to complete.

It features:

  • Addictive (one clicker style)
  • Fart sounds
  • Catchy graphics
  • High score / online scoreboard

Jenkem – Play Store