Jenkem – Android Game

This is my second Android game, that has been released on Google Play!

It was intended to be short time killer, a fun game with nasty name (I hoped it would catch people eyes, but it didn’t).

The game is made with Unity3D and it took around 2 months to complete.

It features:

  • Addictive (one clicker style)
  • Fart sounds
  • Catchy graphics
  • High score / online scoreboard

Jenkem – Play Store


About Vili Volčini

Programming is art! I have been programming since 14 years and I have big interest into video games, electronics and robotics. Currently I am studying at math university FMF and as a side projects I am working on video games. Someday I will build a real robot with intention of helping humanity, but it's long road to there!

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