Connect Four made with minimax

This is another fun python project I made myself in spare time. It’s simple connect four game made, where I studied mini max algorithm with α-β pruning. I admit that it took me a while to figure out the idea behind mini max, but when I did, it was quite simple to code. To bad I did it in python since it’s slow. Because of my expensive heuristic function I could reach only depth of 5 for minimax. Well, it’s possible to go deeper, but the game becomes un-playable because of slow response time.spet sem izgubil sam proti sebi

Bot is quite strong, but anyone determined enough can beat it. If I would switch language from python to something like C#, I could make really faster -> stronger. But it’s ok, I have learned a lot!

Oh, also I like to do “dynamic” stuff so I can play connect four in any size I want.

This is my face when I lost against myself (I am green and bot is red)the bot beat me again

This is where I won against the bot – the proof that bot was too weak :(. But I was scared that my own code outsmarted me so of course I needed to beat the bot! Well, it didn’t outsmarted me, yeah!

koncno sem premagal


Labyrinth generator written in Python

Hello, I always wanted to make a labyrinth generator just for fun and then someday, I did it. It is written in Python and made out of grid graph then searched over with deep first search. Result? You can get from any point to any point in those labyrinths. Also custom dimensions.







Shift download

Because my game is not getting enough sales, I decided to release it to public for free.

There is free download link 🙂


Animating news years eve card

This is little animation I did for CNJ (Coffee’n’juice).

It was made in visual studio for web 2012, with typeScript, greenSock and jQuery.

The art was made by Denis Stritar


Besedovnjak hack (Fugo Wordz hack)

this is how software looks

this is how software looks


proof1 proof2 proof3 proof4 proof5 proof6 proof7

Shift – 2D platformer game


This is my game, written in C#. For rendering I used XNA framework 4. Everything you see is made from sprites.

For file saving I used FileStream, for checkpoints I used MemoryStream. Everything is serialized.

Used software was Visual studio and Photoshop (90% of art was made from me). I got Mario icon and bots from the internet.

I got help from my brother, Kristjan Volčini. He did music and effects in Cubase 5.

Length of making game was 6 month, length of code is around 12k.

A video for demonstration.

Wifi car toy na PCju in Androidu

Za brezžično komunikacijo je bil zlorabljen navaden komercialen router, reflashan z OpenWRT-jem.
OpenWRT je linux različica, ki je narejena posebej za routerje. Na ta router sem inštaliral še Ser2Net, kar pomeni Serial to net.

Na router je bilo potrebno še prispajkati še 3 žice za serijski port (GND, TX, RX) ter ga povezati z Arduinotom.

Arduino interpretira komande iz serijskega porta ter kontrolira servo (zavijanje) in pogon naprej/nazaj.

Ker je sprejemnik (ter oddajnik) na avtu WiFi, ga lahko kontroliramo z čemerkoli, kar podpira Wifi.


  • Star avto na daljinec, ki itak ni delal
  • Arduino UNO v3
  • 10V baterija
  • Original vezje (uporabljeno za motor drive)
  • Servo motor
  • 7805 (5V regulator za servo motor)
  • Zelo velik kondenzator(preprečuje padce napetosti ter s tem reset uC-ja)
  • Router TP-Link WR741


  • Router: OpenWRT nakdano inštaliran ser2net
  • Arduino : spisan program v Cju
  • PC : spisan program v C# (uporablja XNA zaradi game loopa)
  • Arduino : Java, uporablja event driven system na touch screenu